What is SunArk?

SunArk is a multi-purpose building which can be transported anywhere by road and by sea. It can be constructed by unskilled local labour, using simple tools. It needs no traditional foundations or floor slab.

SunArk generates 50-80,000 kilowatt hours per annum (dependent upon local weather and radiation patterns) using its custom-designed photovoltaic system. This renewable solar power can be used within the SunArk for many specialist applications, or it can be distributed externally by AC or DC to nearby buildings, tents, factories, shops, storage areas etc. SunArk answers many of the world’s needs for developing countries’ off-grid areas, and the immediate problems of refugee camps, displaced communities and disaster areas. In addition, it has significant potential in the areas of Green Growth and Eco-tourism.

SunArk will be manufactured in economic volumes under appropriate patents, protected designs and registered trademarks held currently by the Polish inventors. This IP will be transferred to the SunArk

FOUNDATION which will promote and develop this humanitarian concept, in partnership with suppliers of the materials and the systems, and in partnership with the world organisations and charities which are dealing with the needs and problems which SunArk can solve.

SunArk was launched at UNEP’s Climate Change Conference in Warsaw in November 2013 (COP19)

SunArk Presentation


The SunArk Foundation

The concept of SunArk has a target audience and clientele in relation to natural and man-made disasters, to climate resilience and to sustainable development goals. SunArk answers many of the problems that the international community is trying to solve. A straightforward commercial selling approach is not appropriate for fulfilling the potential uses of SunArk, because much of the funding for those potential uses emanates from international or governmental or charitable sources, and the expenditure is undertaken and coordinated by international humanitarian organisations. The promotion and development of the SunArk concept will therefore be undertaken and directed by a non-profitmaking body to be set up in the Dubai International Humanitarian City… a suitable location where many similar-tasked organisations are based.



The  SunArk Foundation will seek funding from


• International organisations

• Multinational Companies

• Charitable organisations

• Private donors

• Foundations with similar backgrounds to the  SunArk Foundation

• National governmental budgets

• Regional or Urban Authorities


The SunArk Foundation will ensure that all possible and potential uses for SunArk are explored and researched. The SunArk Foundation will ensure that a cost-effective and efficient supply-chain is established, and that the design & development of SunArk is one of continuous improvement – accelerated by appropriate partnerships with specific commercial systems and manufacturers. Nominated manufacturers will be sought in the regions where SunArk is to be used in significant volume. Installation and maintenance will be undertaken by local labour, assisted by experienced SunArk supervisors.

The SunArk Foundation will be managed by a small dedicated team, and directed by a Board of relevant international experience and reputation.