Technical and construction information


We offer an innovative solution with exceptional esthetics. Materials which are used for roof and elevation ensure perfect insulation and tightness. We guarantee the best value for money, quick time of realization and high utility parameters of our constructions. Our partners thus save time and money while getting esthetical, innovative and energy generating building. The construction of roof and walls protects the building against atmospheric factors, ensuring tightness and appropriate comfort at the same time. The montage of one unit takes about 10 days. All linking elements like bolts match the type of construction and materials of the roof and walls, ensuring durable connection.

One SUN ARK is delivered in one standard container including simple tools needed for its erection and contain pictogram instruction. SUN ARK does not require foundations, it can be erected quickly without the usage of heavy building equipment. SUN ARK can be erected only by manpower.

Standard size: 12,0 m x 20,0 m.
Others dimensions:
15,0 m x 20,0 m
18,0 m x 20,0 m
21,0 m x 20,0 m

Photovoltaic system, module data:
Module type:         220/16 (250 Wp)
Module amount:   133 units
Policrystalline or monocrystalline modules.

SUN ARK can be delivered in two types of materials steel and timbered used for its construction.